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It’s a crunchy, flavorful vibe

We make scrumptious creative snacks that celebrate the rich flavors and ingredients of global black food culture.

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Absolutely delicious! I enjoyed them all so much that I ordered my aunt some in the UK who equally enjoyed them. I'll be buying more for certain.
I found these quite by accident in a little shop in crystal palace, I thought ooohh chilli beef plantain chips, finally someone has gone beyond sweet and salted. I was blown away.. I bought a whole load for a my mum's service of songs as she was ashanti, I knew she would have loved that. The product is outstanding, I love every flavour to be honest, they deliver on taste, the presentation is great and the little proverbs in each pack add a lovely touch. A must try!
Vanessa A
Very difficult to say which flavour is my favourite as they were all delicious. However, the sweet cinnamon was really unique. We also enjoyed the taste & crunch of all of them. I would highly recommend these snacks!
Cristine Williams
Wow, I have never tasted plantain chips this good and I'm not exaggerating. My mum brought some back from her trip to Ghana and I can't get enough… Keep up the good work!
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we’ve got flavor for days

For our first range, we took the scrumptious, crunchy, buttery snack Plantain Chips, popular in West Africa, the Caribbean and South/Central America, and paired it with some absolutely delicious, bold and inspired flavors.

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We Keep It Real




free from artificial flavorings, colourings & preservatives

nutriet-rich with vitamins A, C, B6 & Potassium

With each crunch YOU help us champion a more equitable and sustainable food system by:

Supporting our smallholder farmers in Ghana

Promoting youth capacity building and skill development through our local production and training

Championing and celebrating global black food culture

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